If you want to vote go to an article and at the end of it you can approve or dissaprove it. Your opinion matters

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If you want to vote go to an article and at the end of it you can approve or dissaprove it. Your opinion matters

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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Hart Cunningham is a leader with a vision to bring truth to the term “united” in the United States of America. Having worked his way up through diligence and dedication to become a successful businessman, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Cunningham learned the valuable lesson that no dream can be actualized without the contributions of others who are in a position to lift you up and advocate for your innovation. With key insights, Cunningham strives to be the leader who advocates on behalf of our nation’s many people who are currently suffering, oppressed and undereducated –and will thereby run the country with logic, transparency and compassion. Learn more

Issues Close to Hart

We must cease turning a blind eye to the problems that plague our country, our people and our world. In 2020, it’s time for a change. Here are a few of the many issues that Hart Cunningham will acknowledge, address and fight to solve.

Agriculture | Armed Forces | Electoral College | Health Care | Immigration | Net Neutrality | Poverty | Prison ReformRacial Equality | Religious FreedomReproductive Rights | Same-Sex Marriage | Transportation | Women’s Rights

Hart Cunningham is running for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

Make a Change

No movement can succeed without the compassionate contributions of others. Whether through providing donations, spreading the word or taking action, you are an integral part of creating a better tomorrow –and we need your assistance today. If you’re determined to make a difference by helping Hart Cunningham run for president and address key issues in 2020, here are some current ways you can get involved. (Note: Check back regularly for updates for new ways you can make a change.)

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Our future relies on the #education we provide today. Our youth needs to be able to have access to an unlimited amount of information.

Every American deserves access to high-quality, affordable #healthcare -- regardless of income level. We should not have to live in fear of the next emergency health problem that will drain our bank accounts and leave us in debt. It's time that we invest in a better system.

#Energy insecurity is a threat to national security. Renewable energy storage is vital to the well-being of our great country. https://t.co/JUxfLLRCbj

#Trump's $60 billion tariff on #Chinese imports will only hurt U.S.-Sino trade relations. https://t.co/KPio3rV3pY

Entrepreneurship and technological #innovation will be the driving force behind America's switch to renewable energy. #green https://t.co/O5LajDSAI6

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