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Armed Forces Governed with Reason, Humanity, and Strength

The Hart Cunningham Administration is firmly committed to ensuring all members of the uniformed service within the Department of Defense are in a constant state of readiness. Our military posture and readiness for defensive and offensive measures determined by the quality of military service personnel we produce. The military infrastructure and American society as a whole, has changed enormously in the last fifteen years. The Cunningham administration recognizes a broad modernization of the American Military with state of the art technologies, better pay, and high-tech training support for our service personnel who serve our country bravely makes America stronger.

Governance and Philosophy of Defense

Governance of the military and civilians employees is a topic of importance to the Cunningham administration. The administration will be consolidating lawmakers, academics and military veterans to re-draft the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). We will also create a separate category for Private Military Contractors engaging in combat operations in support of the military, including regulations keeping in touch with the UCMJ, the Just War Theory [1], and The Geneva Convention.

This administration also disapproves of judicial improprieties that occur in the service during investigations and courts-martial. Command influence during court martial or non-judicial procedures severely dealt with Officers and Staff caught in engaging illegal activities. Offenders tried for obstruction of justice and risk the potential of dishonorable dismissal or serve jail time. The Cunningham administration will ensure fair judicial system for handling incidents and practice of command led investigations of serious incidents curtailed. The new policy will allow military police units serving within the base or AO jurisdiction to take on the responsibilities of conducting fair and unbiased investigations.

There will be a new wave of accountability for Staff and Officers. Families entrust their sons and daughters to the care of the military. The Department of Defense has the responsibilities to form, nurture and grow great American Armed Services men, and women. For that reason, the culture of the Military must change for the better. This Cunningham administration will ensure the military culture thrives on positive change for all of service men and women.

The Balance of Reason Warfighting Philosophy

As President, Hart Cunningham believes that sound statecraft and diplomacy is the key to a lasting and sustained peace. The Cunningham administration plans on fostering and nurturing better relationships with our allies in NATO to secure the freedom and standards of order; however, if war and combat operations become the only option, the administration believes that a pre-existing multinational force, within specific regions is the idealistic way of fighting battles and ending conflicts.

The nature of war and battlefield topography has also evolved into more civil and electronic assisted defense. The soldier of the future must continue to be more technologically proficient with research and development as his support. We will incentivize this by offering college graduates of STEM subjects more opportunities in the Defense and Military sector. With an understanding that non-kinetic warfare and robotics is how we will defend in the future, logic dictates that we must have a military force supported by this initiative. The administration also believes in the use of ground combat elements within the Marine Air-Ground Task Force for low-intensity conflicts. The Hart Administration will use multi-tiered task forces and arsenal to quickly end disputes and avoid the engagement of war unless it is the last resort. As Head of State, Hart Cunningham will make sound judgments and call for diplomacy first, in the balance of reason for any act of war.

Proud to Serve, Recruitment and Retention

Greater recruitment efforts must be in place to find the best quality applicants for our military. The pay structure of the military must update for the better. To entice more college-educated recruits to become enlisted service personnel, the quality of life and work should reflect that of an evolving force. Sign-on and re-enlistment bonus increases for all ranks and military occupational specialties, especially pilots and other high tech/skilled jobs. Automatic citizenship grants to Warfighters and Veterans with service time higher than four years or with an honorable discharge. We will also open a unique program in which enlistment options open to undocumented aliens. The Hart Cunningham Administration will set the platform for higher learning in the military to empower with a greater sense of respect and pride for being in the United States Armed Services.

A New Level of Support for the Military Family

Military families often have to resort to food banks, churches and nonprofits for food support, which is entirely unacceptable. Family and spousal support programs are at their all-time lowest, even with a Republican President at the helm. Better pay, living standards and benefit packages offered to enlisted military service personnel will encourage reenlistment and retention efforts. A special bonus will attract military talents in centric areas of defense and include the National Guard and Reserves. The administration will also mandate secure communications networking between service members who deployed overseas and their families. Hart will support the causes of the National Military Family Association and open a special task force to learn how the Administration can fix the issues. The military families [2] have a voice in the Cunningham administration, and we are listening. We need to identify the problems they face. No one serving our great Nation should feel the pangs of hunger or strife. The National Military Family Association has a wealth of direct knowledge and is the is the voice of military families, we will bring our Administration Officials, Members of Congress, together with our new Military Family Task Force to address fix, help and elevate our military families.

Hart knows our Military has their “boots on the ground” and understands we need to provide better support to their families on Capitol Hill, at the Pentagon and Veterans Administration. The Hart Cunningham Administration will always look out for the families who stand behind the uniform and for those who serve.

Military Medicine and Broader Support for Our Wounded Warriors

We will be placing an immediate ban on Medical testing on the U.S. Soldier (i.e., pharmaceutical grade antipsychotics, depressants, etc.). Active duty and reserve military will also have priority for organ transplants, including our wounded. We will also fund more research on combat continuity post injury/wounding. Hart Cunningham is a proponent of high-tech and cutting edge medical technology and empower our military will have access to these technological advancements as they become available.

Along with modernized medical and state of the art treatment programs, we will review and fund PTSD support, and provide a robust re-entry program. We will also consider the tattoo policy and offer medical removal support. Hart will embrace the excellent work already accomplished by US Military Support Groups such as the Wounded Warrior Project [3], to help them achieve their goals assisting our great military men and women after they have served.

Military Research Sciences and Environment

The Cunningham administration believes there should be more sharing of knowledge and information between industry and government. We will invest in building infrastructure that will allow government and civilian collaboration platforms in regards to research. This effort will reduce redundancy for both the civilian and military side. New policies will mandate that all bases in CONUS run entirely on Green power by 2040. We also feel that all military installations can be utterly eco-friendly by 2050. We will increase funding to organizations like DARPA and NASA for more advanced medical and humanity related subject matters like sustainable energy, new materials, and ending world hunger. The research findings distributed nationally to American companies and academia, then internationally to our global partners.

Alcoholism, Vice and in Service Drug Recovery Programs

Alcoholism does not end when a member of the Armed Forces takes off their uniform. It often follows them into the civilian world as a Veteran. We all know the sad stories of Veterans killing themselves with drugs and alcohol after they leave the service. Warfighters who are or were engaged in direct action missions or ground combat have a higher chance of developing mental health issues in service and later on down the line. Adding alcohol and pushing pharmacological or psychotropic drugs exasperates the condition. We will find alternative therapies and stress-reducing options to stem off addiction. To train the average recruit from civilian to soldier/marine/sailor, it costs the taxpayer $140k to $180k. Many states are softening their views on drug use and have become more tolerant on recreational drugs. This administration respects the choices made by individual states on their public policy. However, we feel as if recreational drug use has no place in uniformed service. It causes breaks in good order and discipline. We understand that many people join the military to get away from drugs and could potentially succumb to temptations while in service. Therefore, in service drug use programs for medical care and treatment will establish a way to resolve addiction in the military. In addition to administrative punishment and courts-martial, this administration will change its policy of administrative separation for drug or alcohol offenses to treatment and retention. Addictions to drugs and alcohol just do not go away unless treated. Sending a freshly discharged veteran with a drug or alcohol problem back into civilian life is not responsible leadership. The outcome of The Hart Cunningham administration policy includes savings on training, retention, and reenlistment of potentially valuable soldiers, and a whole individual capable of productivity in society.

Women Serving Will Be Heard

“The defense of our nation is a shared responsibility. Women had served in defense of this land for years before our United States was born. They have contributed their talents, skills, and courage to this endeavor for more than two centuries with an astounding record of achievement that stretches from Lexington and Concord to the Persian Gulf and beyond.” [4]

Retired Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, Chief of Staff of the Army, 1991-1995

The most unrecognized warrior is our female officer and soldier, serving silently and with honor. Today, there are nearly 2.5 million servicewomen in the U.S, the highest number ever in history. We will celebrate the significant advances in their service under the Presidency of Hart Cunningham. These brave women who serve from Special Forces [5] to all branches of the military have a voice in the Cunningham administration. In addition, we will democratize all combat roles for females and FTM/trans-genders. This democratization is inclusive of all Special Forces teams in all military branches. Hart will have an open door policy and hear their voices through the Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) [6]. Claims of sexual harassment handled by third-party judicial courts, and not in the immediate command element in which the claims originate will ensure a judicial fairness. Them “Me Too” [7] movements encompass military women as well and a review of the military rules and changes made if needed. On-base childcare and other family-centric opportunities for single mothers will also be a priority for this administration to mandate.

Acquisitions and Small Business

There will be a complete overhaul of military contracting and small business with a special task force to review the validity of bidding practices. We will also make it easier for small business advancement within the Defense and Aerospace community as a whole for participation in the bidding process. This inclusion will help advance the competitiveness and range of opportunities in sourcing vendors for our government contracts. We will focus on less reliance on the massive contract or and more on small to medium size business with American roots. We will also reduce wasteful government spending on redundant programs (not people) in the defense sector.

In Summary

The Hart Cunningham Administration supports our brave men and women who courageously protect our nation at home and abroad. The upcoming investments will ensure our military has state of the art technology in all areas, from land to sea, to the skies. We will invest in safety equipment, infrastructure building, and warfighting equipment. We will not stop with the time of enlistment, but a strong and supportive follow-up of our veterans and the issues of reentry to civilian life, with jobs and training. The Hart Cunningham Administration will usher in a great revival in security for America and the US Military.


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