Pornography Is Affecting Family Values Negatively


When we talk about the many benefits of the internet, we often choose to ignore the fact that while the web may have many positive elements, it also can be used in ways that have proven to be detrimental to our family and societal values. This is particularly true for marriages and families. While the internet can be educational and entertaining, it can also be used for things that take away from a family – like porn.

Internet pornography is a huge market, and the market keeps expanding because pornographic material is accessible, affordable, and ensures anonymity. In other words, viewing porn is easy, whether you’re a man, woman, or child. It’s no secret that men turn to porn more than women, but regardless of whether it’s the man or woman, relationships and families can suffer when excessive exposure to pornography occurs. Sure, it might start out innocent, thinking a little porn won’t hurt anything, but porn is quite addictive. That little peak every once in a while can turn into a full-blown addiction in no time, oftentimes changing the way a man will perceive himself and women.

Pornography devalues the importance of monogamy. Maybe he’s not out there cheating in the real world, but in his mind, he’s cheating, and he’s likely to feel compelled to keep doing so. In fact, men that use porn regularly tend to become bored sexually with their partner.  Or, he is so used to reaching climax via porn, he just can’t get excited with his partner or wife anymore – and he may even be more likely to go find someone outside of the home to try to gratify his sexual needs. Oftentimes, their overall approach towards family – their spouse or children – is negatively affected. Feelings of affection, love, respect and honor decrease and are replaced with shame, sexual frustration, and sometimes violent behavior. People who become obsessed with pornography can also become obsessed with sex and begin to view women and sometimes young children as sexual objects. Pornography can affect the mental state of an individual. They begin to create a bond with a world which is completely fake and artificial and by doing so, they can lose the bond with their loved ones who are right there with them. Pornography can also make a person feel as if they are not good enough, strong enough, or sexually powerful enough. It can affect their self-esteem and promote a feeling of emptiness and loneliness.

For some viewers, pornography can become an addiction and the more pornographic material they view, the more negatively their social life, family life, moral values, and their mental state suffers. Overall, it is abundantly clear that pornography is not some harmless activity that people engage in to pass their time. Overuse and over-dependence on this artificial life of sexual power and ability can have extremely negative effects on family life. We must put an end to the availability of porn, as it doesn’t contribute anything positive to humanity.