Sunday, November 29, 2020

Election Day

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We Must Continue to Defend a Woman’s Right to Choose

The current administration’s failure to address issues such as a woman’s right to choose and birth control regulation is not only morally reprehensible, but strategically inept. To build an enduring and stable nation for ourselves and our posterity, it is imperative that women’s issues become a primary focus of the executive office, and not just the judiciary. The Cunningham Administration will implement a more systematic and streamlined opposition to violations of women’s health care rights from all three branches of government; particularly as states’ attempts to increase abortion restrictions run rampant.

The United States must continue to be a resolute advocate for the protection of female reproductive rights and the empowerment of women worldwide. The Cunningham Administration will commit itself to this task and pledges to champion women’s rights in a way that is conducive to generating progressive solutions for present inequalities.

The Role of the Supreme Court

Prior to the landmark Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade in 1973, illegal abortions represented one-sixth of all pregnancy and child-related deaths. Desperation reigned, and dangerous self-implemented procedures were commonly performed by women with nowhere to turn.

Today, however, abortion represents one of the safest and most effective medical procedures conducted in the United States, with a safety record of 99%. Roe v. Wade’s guarantee of a woman’s right to medical privacy, (and therefore her right to choose) has been instrumental in saving thousands of lives, and attempts to repeal it are nothing short of criminal.

Despite this glaring proof of the need for access to safe, legal abortions, political interference with this right continues to be a pressing issue. Under the wrong Supreme Court leadership, the present ballot measures and restrictive legislature circulating at the state level could have nationally disastrous ramifications.

Therefore, as part of the aforementioned effort to collaborate within the three branches of government, it is critical that our nation is led by an executive that refuses to appoint Supreme Court justices who seek to inhibit female agency in  reproductive issues. The Cunningham Administration will respect this agency and, as a result, promises to make judicial appointments that will not only uphold the current rulings, but press for further protections as well.

Funding Women’s Healthcare

Any attempts to “defund” Planned Parenthood by ending Medicaid reimbursements for preventative care would have calamitous consequences, both fiscally and socially. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office recently reported that barring reimbursement to Planned Parenthood would result in a net cost of $130 million to taxpayers over a single decade as a result of unintended pregnancies.

Therefore, initiatives to prevent the “defunding” of Planned Parenthood are a definitive part of the Cunningham executive agenda. Women who depend on Medicaid and other public health measures should not be blocked from receiving the medical care they require. As a man of unwavering compassion and logical thinking, Cunningham stands with Planned Parenthood in demanding affordable birth control, cancer screenings and reproductive health care for all.

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