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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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Hart Cunningham is a leader with a vision to bring truth to the term “united” in the United States of America. Having worked his way up through diligence and dedication to become a successful businessman, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Cunningham learned the valuable lesson that no dream can be actualized without the contributions of others who are in a position to lift you up and advocate for your innovation. With key insights, Cunningham strives to be the leader who advocates on behalf of our nation’s many people who are currently suffering, oppressed and undereducated–and will thereby run the country with logic, transparency and compassion. LEARN MORE


No movement can succeed without the contributions of others. Whether through providing donations, spreading the word or taking action, you are an integral part of creating a better tomorrow – and we need your assistance today. If you’re determined to make a difference by helping Hart Cunningham run for president and address key issues in 2020, it’s time to get involved.

Hart Cunningham is running for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.


“I understand the challenges and hopes of many Americans, and am eager to listen to millions more as we travel across the U.S. canvassing. Climate change, women’s rights, racial equality and ending poverty are just a few of my main focuses in 2020. These are challenges that affect all Americans and require all of our effort to work toward fixing. As such, I hope to engage in discussion with people from of all walks of life, whatever their political identity may be.” – HC

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This is an alarming statistic. We must dedicate our energy and efforts to ensuring a pristine, sustainable earth for our future generations.


Without energy, thoughts of learning, and progress in life are even more difficult to achieve.

American security is of paramount importance, but its current cost is untenable. The defense budget must be restructured to be efficient. https://t.co/yGDivDL74I

#Mothers who choose to work need to have access to #entrepreneurial loans. They shouldn't have to rely on the gig economy to support their family.https://t.co/bXCezE8Q50

Happy #MothersDay! How are you celebrating your hero today? https://t.co/gh6GwizeP9 #Mom

Unpaid #maternity leave doesn't give families the support they need. #Mothers and fathers deserve paid leave and better benefits. Let's put #family first.

All workers deserve a healthy workplace culture. What would help you stay healthy and happy at the office? Let us know. #business #healthhttp://ow.ly/G1vF30jOOgN

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