Sunday, November 29, 2020

Election Day

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“There is no red or blue, south or north in 2020. We are simply the United States of America, the land of the free. Humanity is depending upon our unison, in leading the Earth with respect and love.” 

– Hart Cunningham

About Hart

Hart Cunningham

Presidential Candidate 2020

Hart Cunningham is a leader with a vision to bring truth to the term “united” in the United States of America. Having worked his way up through diligence and dedication to become a successful businessman, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Cunningham learned the valuable lesson that no dream can be actualized without the contributions of others who are in a position to lift you up and advocate for your innovation. With key insights, Cunningham strives to be the leader who advocates on behalf of our nation’s many people who are currently suffering, oppressed and undereducated — and will thereby run the country with logic, transparency and compassion.

Hart Cunningham was born in Memphis, Tennessee, to a loving family that enjoyed the outdoors, hard work and weekly services at Idlewild Presbyterian Church. His father, a writer and artist, marched with sanitation workers in Memphis alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. at the outset of the Poor People’s Campaign, helping to advance rights for all people of color. 

Cunningham moved with his family to Los Angeles, California, and attended Buckley, a Sherman Oaks higher education academy. After graduating, he attended Claremont Colleges, earning his BA in economics and, by the age of 22, an MBA. Cunningham pursued additional graduate coursework with renowned management visionary Peter Drucker, who encouraged him to develop his entrepreneurial talents.

In 1998, Cunningham’s first company created a digital currency that enabled teens to earn and spend loyalty dollars with 550 participating merchants.

Over the next 15 years, Cunningham founded three companies, becoming the only person to be named a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Technology three times.

To Cunningham, such success only highlighted the struggles of others, and he began to question the relationship between cutthroat capitalism and effective democracy.  

True to his entrepreneurial spirit, Cunningham sought out new solutions in reducing the income gap, eliminating poverty and decreasing environmental degradation. He immersed himself in the latest research on social, scientific and economic issues facing our country as well as the world, uniting the expertise of others with his own passion for innovation.

In 2018, Cunningham launched his presidential campaign as a Democratic candidate with a focus on ending poverty, caring for the environment and restoring unity among the people of the United States.

Political Party

A Note From Hart

“To identify myself based upon a political party classification is challenging. While I was born into a heavily Southern, Republican culture, my loving family and I eventually moved to California, where I was raised as a Democrat. However, political ideology does not limit my identity, and today, above all, I consider myself to be American.

Our great nation has been reduced to a battleground between irreconcilable factions, where individual identities and novel beliefs are constantly diluted in order to conform to party standards. This enfeebles opportunity to grow as a nation and cripples our ability to compromise. Therefore, I stand before you today, as a man with a heart set on improving our country, and a mind that sees and appreciates all of the races, ethnicities and cultures that comprise it.

I understand the challenges and hopes of many Americans, and am eager to listen to millions more as we travel across the U.S. canvassing. Climate change, women’s rights, racial equality and ending poverty are just a few of my main focuses in 2020.  These are challenges that affect all Americans and require all of our effort to work toward fixing. As such, I hope to engage in discussion with people from of all walks of life, whatever their political identity may be. Although I disagree with the strict demarcation of my own beliefs along party lines, at this point I choose to define myself as a Democrat, as our current political system offers little hope of success to third-party candidates. In the future, however, I aim to earn respect as a thoughtful and moderate policy maker, who makes decisions that best represent all Americans and consistently places country before party.” – HC

Choosing a Vice President

A Note From Hart

“Our strategy for choosing a Vice President emphasizes merit and experience, as we want to create the most effective team to benefit the American people. We will determine the VP before the primary, based upon his or her ability and motivation for action.

I am not interested in perpetuating a culture that emphasizes differences at the expense of progress. As such, our VP could be anyone who displays a drive to make this great nation even greater, and has the skills and expertise to make that happen. She could be a woman of color, with knowledge and passion unmatched. Or he could be a Republican white man of faith, willing to cut through the partisan challenges that face many. Our goal is to create an inclusive, diverse and multi-faceted administration that reflects the current American cultural fabric. Only then can we hope to successfully deal with the issues that plague our nation today.” – HC

“Love thy neighbour as thyself. Americans must respect one other, as miscommunications and different interests are natural. We are all Americans and must collaborate for a brighter future.” 

– Hart Cunningham