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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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“With all the toxicity that plagues our earth, we are devoting our resources to stopping the wrong ones. Marijuana is not a dangerous drug and should not be treated as such” 

– Hart Cunningham

The Importance of Cannabis Legalization |#Hart2020

Hart Cunningham is truly a candidate of the people, for the people. He believes that through nonpartisan leadership and collaboration, we will be able to tackle the issues of our time. The nature of the world today is truly that of a global community, and the issues that affect the U.S. cannot be solved by one party or even one country — the issues affecting all Americans are universal. The Cunningham Administration will face climate change, LGBT rights, cannabis legalization and women’s rights for and with the American people, garnering support from the international community to ultimately rectify these worldwide barriers to an equal, prosperous and sustainable future.

Current Issue: Currently, cannabis is classified as a Schedule I drug by the American DEA. In Singapore, you could be put to death for selling it. These laws, and many more, are punitive and short-sighted. By continuing to uphold these classifications and laws, the governments of the world are holding on to antiquated and ignorant ideas about cannabis.

Hart’s Stance on the Issue: Hart believes that legalizing cannabis will be highly beneficial for the country and for the world. Legalizing cannabis would contribute toward a healthier, more sustainable and more prosperous America. In order to realize this goal, we must allow states to legalize, regulate and tax medical and recreational marijuana. This will assist the country by:

  • Increasing state revenues via taxation
  • Combating the opioid epidemic by substituting opioid prescriptions with cannabis prescriptions when appropriate
  • Assisting terminal patients with chronic pain
  • Promoting sustainability through hemp farming
  • Reducing crime, arrests, and prison populations through legalization
  • Eliminating cannabis-related health issues through regulation

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